Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game developed by Ironhide Game Studio and published by Armor Games, released as a free flash browser game on July 28, 2011, on the iPad on December 19, 2011, on Android in May 2013, and a Unity port in January 2014 via Steam. A sequel, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, was

King’s Knight

King’s Knight (キングスナイト Kingusu Naito) is a 1986 scrolling shooter video game by Square for the Nintendo Entertainment System and MSX. The game was released in Japan on September 18, 1986, and in North America in 1989. It was later re-released for the Wii’s Virtual Console in Japan on November 27, 2007 and in North

Your Halloween And Thanksgiving Tech Gift Guide

Autumn nights are drawing in so the dreaded Holiday run-up begins. Whether it’s an office or home Halloween party, Thanksgiving dinner or just an autumn night outside, here are a collection of gadgets, tools and services that will help you relax and make your pre-Christmas holiday season go with a bang. [1] Nanoleaf Light Panels are a must

Those Intel i9-9900K vs Ryzen 2700X Benchmarks Look Much Worse Now

Following outstanding investigative journalism by the likes of Gamers Nexusand Hardware Unboxed, the saga of Principled Technologies’ flawed — and now mostly corrected — competitive testing of the Intel Core i9-9900K CPU has ended with a whimper. Why? I’ll cut right to the chase. When the benchmarking house agreed to test the AMD Ryzen 2700X with all of its