Classic ‘Virtual On’ Arcade Games Are Finally Coming To The PlayStation 4

In a surprise announcement, Sega revealed that it plans to release the series of classic Virtual On arcade games for the PlayStation 4. While there is no release date as yet, the plan is to release the original Virtual On, Virtual On Oratorio Tangram and Virtual On Force for the PlayStation 4 sometime in the future. This ties in with the new Tanita manufactured TwinStick

‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4’ Made $500 Million At Launch, But There’s A Catch

Activision is once again tooting Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4’s horn, and with good reason. According to the publisher, Black Ops 4 made over $500 million during its three-day launch weekend. That’s half a billion dollars. That’s almost certainly the biggest launch weekend of any video game this year. After all, one of the biggest games of the year was Far

Cross-Platform ‘Rocket League’ Parties Delayed Until 2019

Rocket League has just released its 2018 Fall Roadmap, and it comes with some pretty disappointing, but not surprising, news. Cross-platform parties, of the most-requested features in Rocket League, have been delayed until “early 2019.” The feature, also known as RocketID, was initially mentioned by the Psyonix team back in May, with a tentative release date of August. An

5 Great Deals On Gaming Desktops To Buy Now

Black Friday is right around the corner. And not surprisingly, people that just can’t get enough of outstanding deals are loading up their bank accounts and sharpening their credit cards in anticipation of the heavy holiday shopping day. But what if we told you that Black Friday deals can actually be accessed now, long before