Turrets Are Fortnite’s Latest Problematic Plague, As Players And Pros Call For Nerfs

Fortnite recently added stationary turrets to its arsenal, and like many new weapons, there are some…issues. Usually we see new weapons debut as either under or overpowered, but it’s the latter case this time, as players and pros alike are complaining about how dominant turrets have become in the game in many situations. The problems with Fortnite turrets

I’ll Say It Again: ‘Fallout 76’ Needs An Offline Mode

I don’t particularly enjoy essentially rewriting an article I’ve already written, as I said this exact thing before Fallout 76 was released. And yet spending a full 24 hours with the game (as an in-game challenge completion pop-up helpfully told me), I have evolving thoughts on this. Namely, I still very much believe that Fallout 76 needs