Boy, Does Fallout 76’s Real-Time VATS System Look Terrible

Yesterday, an embargo lifted for a Fallout 76 preview event that many game journalists attended, myself not among them. The result was that we got hours and hours of preview footage from select areas of the game, and pages and pages of impressions pieces about what was played. I have watched the videos, I have read the previews, and

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Microtransactions: Predatory Or Pointless?

I was somewhat surprised to learn that Assassin’s Creed Odyssey found itself embroiled in a microtransaction controversy at launch, considering that in my 60 hours of pre-launch play, I hadn’t actually seen any microtransactions in the game. But realizing that they were there, and what exactly they are, it seemed like this deserved closer examination, specifically, when I

‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’ Season 6, Week 3 Challenges Leaked Online (And They’re Cool!)

Fortnite’s Season 6, Week 3 challenges have leaked online. Various leakers have posted the challenges on Twitter. Thankfully, they’re a lot more interesting than the crappy week 2 challenges which were almost entirely damage/elimination based. (I wrote a whole thing on why they were lousy.) In any case, both the Free and Battle Pass challenges have

Intel’s i9 9900K vs Ryzen 2700X Gaming Benchmarks Are Misleading, Period

A meaty set of competitive benchmarks for Intel’s newly announced 9th Gen Core i9-9900K are in, pitting the powerful mainstream gaming CPU against AMD’s Ryzen 2700X. There are plenty of them to chew through. Nineteen in fact, comprising many of the most popular PC games out there. Unfortunately, they’re all bogus. BREAKING: Principled Technologies has issued a lengthy

VIZ Media Is Bringing The First Season Of ‘Castlevania’ To Blu-Ray And DVD This December

In a new press release, VIZ Media has announced that it will be releasing the first season of Castlevania on Blu-ray and DVD later this year. Released on December 4, the DVD version’s extras will include storyboards and art galleries, whereas the Blu-ray edition will also have sketch art-to-animation animatic sequences from some of the first season’s

Fans Have Already Modded ‘New Super Mario Bros. Wii’ To Include Bowsette

The original New Super Mario Bros. Wii has already been modded to include Bowsette as the final boss. Courtesy of StupidMarioBros1Fan, the original New Super Mario Bros. Wiihas been modded to include a custom Bowsette boss at the end of the game, replacing the original Bowser. This mod appears to have been quite substantial in the amount of work required and wasn’t

4 Steps to Piloting Cloud, LBS & Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality

Here’s the list of technologies you should be tracking – and piloting: Cloud Computing Location-Based Services Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality Social Media Analytics Wearable Technology The Internet-of-Things AI/Machine Learning Augmented Analytics Blockchain Cryptocurrency Cybersecurity Some of you are already knee deep in many of them. If not, it’s past time you develop some pilots to determine

Announcing Release Dates And Prologue Quests For The ‘Elder Scrolls Online’s Murkmire Expansion

The Elder Scrolls Online’s 2018 quarterly release schedule of new content is set to conclude with the release of the Murkmire DLC later this month. This year’s previous releases include the Dragon Bones and Wolfhunter dungeon packs and the Summerset expansion. Murkmire releases for PC and Mac on October 22 and on November 6 for Xbox One and PS4. Murkmire is a new zone in