‘FIFA 19’ Connection Issues, Disabled Match Creation In FUT

Per the game’s official Twitter account, the match creation function in FIFA Ultimate Team has been disabled while the issue is being resolved. Intermittent disconnects seem to have started sometime on Saturday and have continued into early Sunday morning. Several users voiced concerns after losing matches that they were actually winning due to the problem.

Everyone Needs To Chill Out About ‘Diablo Immortal’

Yesterday was the opening ceremony of BlizzCon, where we saw a new WoWand Hearthstone expansions, new Heroes of the Storm and Overwatchcharacters, and a Warcraft 3 remaster. We also got our promised Diabloclosing announcement, which was Diablo Immortal, a mobile game that aims to translate a version of the ARPG into the one device everyone already owns. While such an announcement was never going to