Blizzard Working To Balance Warcraft’s Alliance And Horde Players In War Mode, Raiding

[Correction: Ion Hazzikostas let us know that he misspoke, and the other battleground that Alliance more frequently win is AV, Alterac Valley, not AB, Arathi Basin, which we probably should have guessed. Corrected at 9 a.m. Pacific time.] Blizzard Entertainment is working to balance the number of players in World of Warcraft‘s two factions for high-end

It Finally Seems Clear Why ‘The Walking Dead’ Killed Carl

While the biggest story of this week’s blockbuster Walking Dead episode was the departure of Rick from the show, helicoptering his way into a new TWD movie trilogy, the episode ended with another iconic image: a grown-up Judith wearing Rick’s hat, wielding Rick’s Colt with a mini Michonne sword strapped on her back. Lil ass-kicker, indeed. We all

‘Hitman 2’ Release Date, Pre-Order And Special Edition Info: Which One Should You Buy?

Since the year 2000, fans of stealth and virtual assassins have been treated to a number of titles from the Hitman franchise. Agent 47 in Hitman 2CREDIT: WARNER BROS. INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT The next version, which is oddly titled Hitman 2, releases soon. There are four different versions available. I’ll help you decide which one is best for you. First,

Kirby Is Getting A Giant Head Devouring Plush Next Summer

Following the recent shocking trailer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, we now at least have a giant head devouring plush of Kirby on the way. If you missed the epic World of Light trailer (shown below) it results in Kirby surviving the annihilation of his Super Smash Bros. allies and forced to fix the world alone. Considering that the series started

‘Battlefield 5’ Release Date, Pre-Order And Special Edition Info: Which One Should You Buy?

Battlefield 5‘s release date has caused some to predict failure for the latest edition from EA’s popular series, but nonetheless, we’re sitting mere days from launch. Battlefield 5CREDIT: EA With three different release dates across a variety of platforms, five pre-order bonuses and two different versions to consider, things can get confusing. If you’re considering