‘Left Alive’ Is Released On The PlayStation 4 And PC In The West This March

The curious Front Mission spin-off survival game Left Alive will finally get its release in the West this March on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Directed by Toshifumi Nabeshima, who worked on the bulk of the Armored Core series, as well as utilizing the talents of Yoji Shinkawa and Takayuki YanaseLeft Alive has a very interesting team behind it.

However, my concern is that this is yet another action related spin-off from the mainline Front Mission games, which were traditionally turn-based strategy titles. The last attempt at an action-oriented Front Mission game was Front Mission Evolved and that was just terrible.

Not to mention that this is also a third-person survival game, with much of the game being based around the human protagonists. Nabeshima’s experience is more towards the mecha action end of the spectrum and I am not sure branching out like this will work well.

In addition, from the recent footage, it also looks like the mecha, called Wanzers in the Front Mission universe, look surprisingly unwieldy.

All that aside though, the game is something I definitely want to check out and I am hoping that all of these elements come together once it is released in March.

Following the news that Left Alive will be released this March, we now also have details on pre-order bonuses and limited editions sets.

So for those that buy the game on release, they will get a bonus Survival Pack DLC, which includes items to help players survive. Specifically that of an Ammo Pack, Light Body Armor, Recovery Pack, Klyuch Weapon and Grenade Pack.

There is also a limited edition release available for pre-order exclusively from the Square Enix Online Store for $159.99 and it includes:

  • The Day One Edition of the game which includes the full game and the Day One Survival Pack DLC.
  • Volk Action Figure – A new Wanzer for the game and specially designed by Takayuki Yanase, which features interchangeable accessories, weapons and hands.
  • Hardback Art Collection – 80-page artbook.
  • Steelbook Case – featuring mecha designs from creators Yoji Shinkawa and Takayuki Yanase.
  • Collector’s Box.

Digital pre-orders are also now available through the PlayStation store and Steam for $59.99, which includes the base game, the aforementioned DLC, as well as the following exclusive items:

  • PlayStation Store: PlayStation 4 system Static Theme, Slava Weapon and Material Pack.
  • STEAM Store: Wallpaper Set, Soundtrack Sampler and Padub Weapon.

Left Alive is released for PlayStation 4 and PC on March 5.

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– By Ollie Barder

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