How To Complete The Week 2 ‘Ascendant Challenge’ In ‘Destiny 2: Forsaken’

If you’re playing Ffe right now, you’ve got a goal: to get your power level– I keep typing Light Level by accident–up as high as you can in order to tackle the “Last Wish” raid, launching tomorrow. To that end, you’re probably hanging out in the Dreaming City, the expansion’s new endgame area that’s brimming with weird little secrets, difficult challenges and the occasional judgmental cat statue. You may have also gotten your hands on the “Ascendant Challenge” bounty, and you might be wondering what exactly it is that means. So if you’re trying to get as much powerful gear as you can get your hands on, read on.

The Ascendant Challenge is a difficult, Taken-themed area that appears to shift each week. The first week it was hanging out in the Aphelion’s Rest Lost Sector, but week 2 sends us over to The Gardens of Elisia, an unmarked area on the map. You’re going to want to go south of the Strand: basically, go right as you enter the Strand from the tunnel that starts in the Divalian mists, and then follow the path to the Garden.

Once you’re in the Garden, you’re going to want to down some Tincture of Queensfoil. If you don’t have any, just work on public events and the Blind Well until you do. This is a consumable that allows you to see secrets, which in this case means a big old Taken Portal hanging out in the Garden. Jump in to head to the Forfeit Shrine on the Ascendant Plane.

That’s the easy part. The tough part involves actually finishing the challenge. It recommends a much higher power level than most players have been able to achieve yet, and it’s going to be tough whether you’re a part of a fireteam or not. But essentially you’re going to want to battle the Taken as you dunk arc charges into an area near the giant blight in the center. Dunking all of those charges is going to give you a well of super energy which you can use to annihilate even powerful enemies: take out all the knights and you can complete the challenge. I’d recommend cheesy strategies that involve hiding in trees.

I’ll be honest, I’m struggling a bit with this one. But if you want to look at a successful video walkthrough, check this one out from Youtube Channel Arekz Gaming below:

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