Epic Games Just Made A Huge Change To Fortnite’s ‘The Getaway’ Mode

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s ‘High Stakes’ event is still ongoing so there’s still plenty of time to complete all the special challenges and unlock those free rewards.

Epic Games has, however, changed up the awesome Getaway limited-time mode. The mode, which tasks players with grabbing one of several jewels and hightailing it to a floating getaway van, was originally Squads-only. Then Epic had it run as a Duos mode for a short time and now the mode is Solos, meaning only four players can win a match.

The twist here is that the mode will only be Solos for 24 hours (starting at approximately 10 am PT today, September 12th.) This means you can play The Getaway in Solo mode until tomorrow morning and this has at least a few distinct advantages to playing as a Squad or a Duo.

First, it means you’re more likely to complete some of those challenges like actually carrying the jewel. In a squad, any one of your teammates could snag the jewel and they’d get credit toward the challenge but you wouldn’t. As a solo player, you’ll be the only one on your “team” who can grab the jewel, assuming you can stay alive long enough.

Also, it’s just a fun opportunity to test your mettle on your own against 99 other players. Unlike regular Solos, a Victory Royale will happen for four different players this way. Up to 16 could win in Squad mode, so this certainly raises the stakes.

In any case, I think The Getaway is one of the best things to ever happen in Fortnite. It completely changes the equation and makes the game something not quite properly categorized as a battle royale to begin with. It’s a cool heist mode and I hope we see lots more like it.

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– By Erik Kain

Source – Forbes.com

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