Confirmed: Gen 4 Starters Are Coming To ‘Pokémon GO’, And Soon

It’s coming, and it’s coming soon. Pokémon GO made its way through Gen 3 months ago, and now it’s getting ready for the next major drop of creatures for the mobile megahit. Gen 4 is on its way, bringing us all the Pokémon originally discovered in the Sinnoh Region alongside Pokémon Diamondand Pokémon PearlDeveloper Niantic Labs tweeted a teaser this morning confirming the news:

There’s really no mistaking it this time. The video is in the style of the nature documentary from this time last year, and it stars the Gen 4 starters: Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup, albeit all of them obscured or from a distance. This is the second Gen 4 tease we’ve seen so far, though the first one was a little odd: it showed off the same four starters at a picnic with a bunch of other creatures. We can see that below:

Pokemon GO’s Gen 4 teaseCREDIT: NIANTIC LABS

The starters would certainly be a more traditional way to kick off Gen 4 than what we’ve seen before: Gen 2 began with baby Pokémon, Gen 3 with Ghost-types as part of a Halloween event. This feels like the first time Niantic is really making the generation launch an event in and of itself rather than tying it to something else, which feels a bit more appropriate for one of the bigger moments in the game’s slow evolution.

Niantic has promised more info soon, but we can sort of guess when this might be going down. The Psychic mini-event we’re having right now lasts until October 14, and Mewtwo is in the game until October 20. And it’s at that moment that we’ll sort of run out of new things in the game, making it an excellent time to start rolling out Gen 4. At that point, we’ll just have to wonder about how exactly Niantic will roll them out. We can expect a slow introduction along the lines of Gen 3, because Niantic has largely learned its lesson about content droughts. But it’s unclear if we’ll start with just these 3 creatures and their evolution chains, or whether or not we’ll get more.

We can also expect a much deeper integration of trading going forward, seeing as it’s clearly Niantic’s favorite system right now. I actually wouldn’t mind only getting one starter and having to trade for the others,

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