Check Out This Awesome Dragon Fight In The First ‘Project Awakening’ Game Trailer

Project Awakening is a game that just popped up on my radar with a brand new trailer that looks pretty incredible.

There are few details about the upcoming action-RPG, but the trailer shows off some gorgeous man-vs-dragon gameplay that reminds me a bit of Monster Hunter, though it looks quite a lot prettier.

Check it out:

CyGames is a Japanese game developer mostly known for its mobile games. This is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, so that’s a little off the beaten path, but that trailer certainly inspires confidence. Just the way the dragon moves around the boulders and castle ruins, not confined to a generic arena, is pretty damn impressive.

And yes, the hero looks a bit like your average Western grizzled white-male-protagonist, but I’m hoping we get to create and customize our avatars and this is just a marketing thing. After all, the generic grizzled white-dude protagonist is apparently pretty good at selling video games, so you can’t really blame them for that. I just like having the option to play this type of game looking however I please and rolling as a man or a woman.

In any case, we know next to nothing about the game but we’ll hopefully find out a lot more during the Tokyo Games Show which begins on September 19th and runs until September 23rd. Here are a few more screenshots:

Project Awakening CREDIT: CYGAMES

Project Awakening CREDIT: CYGAMES

Project Awakening CREDIT: CYGAMES

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