Open Sorcery

Open Sorcery is a multi-platform interactive fiction game from American studio Open Sorcery Games developed in the Twine engine. It has cyberpunk themes and makes extensive use of puns. The player steps into the role of an elemental fire spirit bound by code—a firewall. The story follows the choices she makes and whether she achieves self-awareness. Open Sorcery was originally released in 2016 for Android and iPhone. An expanded version was released for Steam on Feb 22, 2017.

Open Sorcery
Developer(s)Abigail Corfman
Publisher(s)Open Sorcery Games
Platform(s)iOS, Android, Steam
ReleaseWW: February 2017
Genre(s)Interactive Fiction

The player takes the role of BEL/S, a magical firewall: a fire elemental that is bound with C++ code. It takes place in a cyberpunk world where magic and technology overlap. BEL/S defends a network of four places from everything from malware to poltergeists. The story follows her development, and the lives of the people inside her network.

Gameplay is investigative and involves hunting for malicious spirits that are invisible until the player identifies aspects of the spirit by examining the effect it’s having on the environment. The larger game is deciding how BEL/S develops as a consciousness, which is determined by how she deals with the spirits she finds.

Most Innovative Game, Meaningful Play 2016 Conference
Finalist, Indiecade 2016


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