I’ll Say It Again: ‘Fallout 76’ Needs An Offline Mode

I don’t particularly enjoy essentially rewriting an article I’ve already written, as I said this exact thing before Fallout 76 was released. And yet spending a full 24 hours with the game (as an in-game challenge completion pop-up helpfully told me), I have evolving thoughts on this. Namely, I still very much believe that Fallout 76 needs

‘Pokémon GO’: It’s Basically Impossible To Evolve Meltan Without ‘Pokémon Let’s Go’

Pokémon GO introduces new creatures all the time, but these ones are different. Meltan and Melmetal, just introduced on Friday, are something different. They’re not just new Pokémon for Pokémon GO, they’re new Pokémon period: brand-new character designs meant as a cross-promotion for Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, a set of new games just released for the Nintendo Switch. As far as

Adi Shankar Is Working On A New Animated Series For ‘Devil May Cry’

While we knew that Adi Shankar had a new video game related series in production, it was initially thought to be connected to The Legend of Zelda. In fact, this new series has turned out to be to do with Devil May Cry and that is wonderful to hear. Considering the full-on gory and violent animated interpretation of Castlevania that Shankar worked on, it makes